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Sadao Ota(太田禎生)


幅ひろい工学・物理を融合して生命科学・医療を変える研究を模索中。光、流体、機械(Nano/MEMS)、バイオ、ソフトマター・生物物理、画像情報処理のミックス。2008年東大修士中退、2013年UC Berkeley機械工学博士取得、2014年東大化学専攻助教に着任、2015年に同職を辞して現在さきがけ専任研究員。2016年にThinkcyte Inc.創業。2018年より、東大先端研准教授。

I am an interdisciplinary scientist, simultaneously optical/bio/mech/electrical engineer and applied/biophysicist, playing around at interfaces of applied physics and life science/medicine. I’m interested to develop and apply innovative biomedical platforms for enabling systematic biological and medical research. I like science, traveling, art, media, and creative business. If you are into any of these, I would love to chat.

Affiliation: Sakigake Researcher, JST, Univ. of Tokyo
Research: Developing key breakthroughs at interfaces between applied physics & life science/medicine (more)
Expertise: Applied/soft matter/bio physics and optical/fluidic/bio/mechanical engineering
Others: Traveling, Media, Creative business, Art, Design

Education (Degree/Advisor/Experience):
15-, Sakigake Scholar, JST, U Tokyo / Prof. Hiroyuki Noji(野地博行) / Everything
14-15, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, U Tokyo / Prof. Keisuke Goda(合田圭介) / Optics, microfluidics
08-13, Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley / Prof. Xiang Zhang / Optics, optoelectronics, soft-matters
08-09, Rotation, Bioeng, UC Berkeley / Prof. Seung Wuk Lee / Genetic eng & Prof. Luke Lee / Microfluidics)
07-08, MS (incomplete), Life Sciences, U Tokyo / Prof. Shoji Takeuchi(竹内昌治)/ Microfluidics, Membrane
03-07, BS, kind of MOT program (PSI), U Tokyo.

Journal Publications (Leading, selected):
Axial Plane Optical Microscopy, Sci. Rep. 2014
Explosive Detection in a Lasing Plasmon Nanocavity, Nat. Nanotechnol., 2014
Microfluidic Formation of Monodisperse, Cell-sized and Unilamellar Vesicles, Angewandte Chem. Int. Ed., 2009
Full List

Award, Funding:
若手A, 挑戦的萌芽 2016
Optics and Photonics in Japan, Best Presentation Award 2014
さきがけ研究 2014
持田記念研究助成 2014
村田学術振興財団研究助成 2014
研究活動スタート支援(日本学術振興会) 2014
Widmer Award 2009

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